Is it just me?

It is a beautiful autumn day here in Bellingham, WA.  I went for quick ride this morning.  I think the brisk 45 degree air caused I bit of an issue for me on my climb up Galby :

BRAIN FREEZE!  Does this happen to anyone else or is this another sign of my shitty endurance? Didn’t notice so much on my descent, but then again I was focusing on picking my way down the trails…………..Weee!

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Bike and Boobs!!!!!!

How (Not) to Make Millions in the MTB Industry

Follow the link above to see some hilarious comments below about the video.

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Reasons to Ride #10

Post-ride shower!  I like to shower most of the time, but nothing compares to a post-ride shower.  Oh, so refreshing!  Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of the scents that I accumulate while riding.  I worked hard for that particular aroma, therefore making the cleansing process so much more enjoyable.

Get Dirty! Get Smelly!  Ride on!

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